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'Droitwich Calling' Exhibition

Salt has often taken the limelight when it comes to telling the story of Droitwich's history, but we have also had a significant impact on the country over the years with the BBC Radio Transmitting Station at Wychbold.

The station went on air on the 6 September 1934, transmitting the National Programme on Long Wave and a Regional Programme on Medium Wave. The Droitwich signal was so strong, it was said that people struggled to receive signals from more distant stations such as Moscow, Luxembourg and Paris!

Radio sets made from 1934, until a short while after the War, were marked with 'Droitwich' on their dial.

When the Station closed in 1989 John Phillips, an employee at the station and radio enthusiast, rescued the 'obsolete' equipment from the skip and has brought it to life again through this wonderful homage to BBC radio, which opened in 1991.

Come and visit us to learn all about the era when Droitwich was "On The Dial".

Radio Room.jpg
Radio Room.jpg